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Trail Running Tips & Terms
from the ‘Misfitz’
1. Buy trail running shoes "They help a lot"
2. Anything can be slippery when wet so do not use them to step off of.
3. Goal of trail running is to get back safely.
4. There are no road PR's as the trails are ever changing due to weather and trail conditions.
5. If it looks like you can kick it DON'T as it may be attached in the ground. So step over it.
6. Best way to slow down is to dig in your heels and drop your butt.
7. Make sure you lift your feet because to shuffle is to fall.
8. Take short strides.
9. Scan the trail as you run. Look ahead and look down. You will be doing this constantly.
side trippers...things hiding in the grass along the edges of the trail that want to take you down...often camouflaged as dirt...could be a root, rock, stump...or frozen mole hill
nut rolling...stepping on a nut and it rolls...usually a fall thing...on occasion can be the double nut roll when a person steps on a nut with each foot...that can make it more stimulating
self tripper...stepping on one end of a stick and the other end pops up to trip the other foot
horse divots...the arrangement of the ground the horses leave behind in our muddiest spots...can be ankle twisters when in the frozen condition if one is not careful
picking the divots that will not sink is a skill acquired through much patience and not avoiding the mud
shoe suck in mud...when that mud wants to take your shoe off, and possibly it does
monkey walk...the balancing act atop the horse divots...often done with spread arms to aid in balance
downage...what Mother Nature removes from the trees for us to crawl over, under and around on the trails...removed by the park staff and the Ohio Horse Council...Thanks!
last hill...our favorite lie
our course is flat and fast...2nd favorite lie
our course is dry...also a lie
our course has plunging hills that you go down that are so steep it is unbelievable...only if you run it backwards